For ages ten to adult.

Rainbow Blocks are math models designed for middle school students or mature learners who benefit from a concrete approach to learning math. 210 metric wooden blocks are artfully made and colored in multiple sizes to model six separate bases: Two, three, four, five, six, and seven. Middle school teachers designed and tested these models with students. These base blocks are intended to review all arithmetic operations using place value, to teach areas of transitional math such as ratio, proportion, or percent and to introduce pre-algebra and algebraic notation in more concrete form. A companion guide has problems for students to solve with these models by working in groups to think collectively and discuss solutions. The use of physical models to represent math concepts supports middle school students who make a transition from concrete calculations to abstract theory. Diagnosis of skills and assessment of progress can be clearly demonstrated. Success in math at this age is crucial for access to science or higher education. 

Our Rainbow Blocks are a modern update of the Dienes multi-base blocks with practical color coding of different bases. Each set comes complete with a plastic container for storage, so it is easy to pull out or put away for different classes or other learning activities appropriate for adults.

Rainbow Blocks

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