For ages seven to twelve.

Rainbow Sticks are manipulative models for elementary students. This set of 271 metric wooden sticks is skillfully crafted and painted in the same bright colors as Rainbow Rods. These arithmetic sticks combine the characteristics of number rods and base ten place-value blocks in the same set. The accompanying guide describes how to represent basic arithmetic operations from basic place value through addition and subtraction to multiplication and division including fractions and decimals. This visualization of math lets students imagine concepts to represent operations using concrete models. Teachers see students perform skills with these models to understand what they know or why they are having difficulty with math. It is easier for students to realize where they went wrong in working a problem when they demonstrate the solution rather than memorize an algorithm. The physical representations of mathematics that these models provide are windows for teachers into the minds of students who are learning to solve problems and represent math concepts.

Each set of Rainbow Sticks comes complete with a plastic container for storage and is easily pulled out or put away for different classes or learning activities. These learning tools were designed and tested by teachers, so one set can be used for demonstrations or small group work and several sets can be shared between classes.

Rainbow Sticks

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