For ages two to seven.

Rainbow Rods are a new Math Model designed for young children to use for learning math at home and in day cares, preschools, or kindergardens. Each set of 64 light wood rods is carefully sized, sanded, and finished in bright rainbow-sequenced colors with nontoxic paint.

Rainbow Rods are safe and durable learning tools for kids to experience math before they even learn their numbers. Designed and tested by early childhood educators, these new rods are developmentally appropriate and can involve parents or care-givers with children through a series of interactions described in a user´s guide included with each set. Sixty practical questions are grouped around themes of Form, Order, and Combinations derived from research on the history of math. Questions are listed by age level and range from sample to quite complex. Teachers are shown how to ask a question and let children think about answers instead of just memorizing facts or formulas. Mathematical vocabulary is used to introduce concepts so children will be familiar with the same terms they will use throughout school. These manipulative Math Models interest children with diverse learning styles. 

Rainbow Rods were made to last and to be used by all your children and their children. Each set comes complete with a plastic container for easy pick up and storage.

Rainbow Rods

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