Rainbow Math Models pictured here are available at our online store. All our products are handcrafted using wood from new growth forests and finished with a non-toxic paint.

Teachers and parents are urged to offer learners a supplement to textbook algorithms and practice exercises by using the basic approach of active learning, problem solving, and collaborative thinking when teaching with these Rainbow Math Models. Give a set of these models to a group of learners and let them examine and explore all the pieces before asking them to use the models. Learners can use these models as a learning tool just as they might learn to play a musical instrument through practice. The creative and imaginative things that learners do with these models are fascinating and fun to watch, not to mention good learning for them!

Rainbow Math Models are designed to engage feelings learners who need to build a physical model, image learners who need to represent a mental model, and language learners who need to hear, read, or write a number model. All of us learn in each of these three ways, though we all have a different priority. Some of us need to do it first, others need to see it first, and the rest can language it first. Schooling usually succeeds with the "language first" group but not the "feelings first" or "image first" learners. These models become a clear window into learner thinking for teachers and parents.

Each set is priced lower than retail cost because Prairie Rainbow Company is marketing directly to teachers and parents so the expense of handling by distributors, sales agents, and retailers is not a factor. Our guarantee is simple. If you don't like it then just send it back, and we'll refund your money!