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Constructivist Learning Books

The following books by George W. Gagnon, Jr. and/or Michelle Collay are available to purchase from our online store or from Corwin Press.

Constructivist Learning Design: Key Questions for Teaching to Standards.
(2006) Constructivist Learning Design offers teachers a six-step framework for lesson planning and assessment. Authors - George W. Gagnon and Michelle Collay   Buy Now

Learning Circles: Creating Conditions for Professional Development.
(1998) This book shows how "Learning Circles" — small groups of learners who come together to support each other in learning. Authors - Michelle Collay, Diane Dunlap, Walter Enloe and George W. Gagnon   Buy Now

Designing for Learning: Six Elements in Constructivist Classrooms
(2001) This ground-breaking book realizes that, and builds on the pioneering work of Piaget and Vygotsky to offer a new approach to the constructivist classroom. Authors - Michelle Collay and George W. Gagnon   Buy Now

Who Will Save Our Schools? Teachers as Constructivist Leaders
(1996) A compelling new look at the role that teachers must play in the future of schooling. Authors - Linda Lambert, Michelle Collay, Karen Kent, Anna Ershler Richert and Mary E. Dietz   Buy Now

Everyday Teacher Leadership: Taking Action Where You Are
(2011) From an education expert comes a much-needed resource that gives teacher leaders the strategies and tools they need to improve their practice and assume new leadership roles in their schools. Author - Michelle Collay   Buy Now

Constructivist Learning Links

Here are several other web pages about constructivism or other learning related topics. I have annotated most of them as a guide to other users. Please send e-mail with any comments or questions.

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