Introductory Activity: To become familiar with the precepts embedded in the six conditions, click on one of those listed at right. At each of the six sites, choose one of the precepts listed and give and example of your experiences with that precept that has supported your professional development.

Secondary Activity: Explore the link listed below. Feel free to follow other links at your favorite search engine or links within these sites and choose a different site.

Learning Circles: Virtual Communities for Elementary and Secondary Schools

Michelle Collay and George Gagnon are teacher educators and students of learning. This book grew out of their work in classrooms with new and experienced teachers. They continue to improve their own teaching and to support the development of learning communities in schools and higher education. With Diane Dunlap and Walter Enloe they are co-authors of Learning circles: Creating conditions for professional development. Please see the Website at Corwin Press, Thousand Oaks, CA for information about the book.